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Bike shop teaches you how to build your own bamboo bike

NPR is running a great article about a Brooklyn, NY bike shop that teaches you how to build your own bamboo bike.  Not only do you get the priceless bike building knowledge, but you also get to keep the bike.  In our article from July of this year, we talk about the rise in bamboo bike sales for Calfee bikes in the UK.  The downside is that Calfee bikes will run you nearly $5000.  You can build your own bamboo bike at Bamboo Bike Studio for around $1000, and most of the cost is in the components.

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A wind-up bike light and cell phone charger in one

The Powerplus Swallow is certainly an interesting concept.  It’s a windup bike light and phone charger in one. Now, I’m pretty sure this won’t outshine our favorite light, the Planet Bike Blinky Superflash, but you never know.  According to the ECOutlet (cute…), the light will shine intensely for 8 minutes for every 1 minute of winding you do.  Also, 1 minute of winding will give you 2-8 minutes of talk time or 20-30 minutes standby time.  Ok, I admit, this could be useful if it worked well. …

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IKEA custom bike rack hack

The Ikea hacker blog has a pretty slick bike rack for a lot less than many commercial bike racks.  They’ve hacked an Ikea Stolmen post to turn it into a two-bike indoor rack (although, this could be used in a garage as well, I suppose).  The parts for the rack will cost around $60, and take about a 1/2 hour to build, depending on your skills.

From the blog:
he says, “there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations …

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The Bontrager Wingtip cycling shoe

Bontrager has definitely stepped outside of the box with their new Wingtip cycling shoe.  The shoe features laces that are covered by a buckled leather strap, and a nylon reinforced rubber sole.  The Wingtips are SPD compatible, so you aren’t limited to toe-cages.  While I don’t think you will see these strapped to the feet of Lance Armstrong, Bontrager is hoping to find a niche group of cyclists who want to stand out.

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Audio Bike music system reviewed

The Daily Peloton has a review of the “Audio Bike” music system specifically designed for the biker that likes to train to music, but also considerate of others, and is safety conscious.  The system consists of a mount, speakers for each of the handlebar ends.  The speakers have batteries that need to be charged, but do look pretty unobtrusive on the bike.  The mount looks pretty useful as well, especially if you have an iPhone or iPod touch.

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Bright Bike V2.0 kits now available

Bright Bike kits are the brainchild of Michael Mandiberg.  They are simple DIY kits for making your bike much more visible to cars at night.  Just look at the video on the Bright Bike website for a better idea of exactly how dramatic the difference is between a bike with the kit, and without.  Whats included for the $15?  

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Wiggins leaves Garmin for new British cycling team

Bradley Wiggins, the surprise contender in the 2009 Tour de France, has made the decision to leave Team Garmin, and will join the new British cycling outfit “Team Sky”. Team Sky was announced in February of 2009, and has some lofty goals (more on this later).  Wiggins will definitely be one of the stronger riders on this team.